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"Designer" breeds are nothing more than mixed-breed dogs and high-priced mongrels.  If this is what you are after, then do a good deed and adopt a dog from the humane society.

"Designer" breeds are NOT healthier -- they will  inherit the health of the sire and dam, as well as the grandparents/great grandparents, just like any purebred dog.  Whatever genes are lurking, good and bad, in the background of one of these mix-breeds, the offspring will inherit.  Therefore, combining two breeds does NOT miraculously and automatically make them healthier unless producers of these mix-breeds can provide proven health clearances on the mother and father, in writing, to the buyers of these dogs.  

The reality is that NO responsible, ethical breeder of any breed will sell their carefully bred puppies so that they can be bred to a different breed – most good breeders protect the future of their puppies and their chosen breed by selling puppies on Restricted from Breeding registration papers.  It stands to reason then that the dogs used for producing “designer” breeds originate from disreputable breeders or from puppy mills and NOT from quality/healthy lineage.  This would be the only way a producer of “designer” breeds could acquire a purebred for this purpose.  As everyone knows, the health of puppy mill dogs are suspect, at best.

Please go to this link for more information about Designer Breeds.

Designer Breeds

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