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Other than for general information and a way to pass the time, avoid purchasing puppies from websites.  A pretty website does not mean the breeder is honest, ethical or involved in the breed.  You may pay less but that is the downpayment.  The 10+ year financial installment payments come later at the veterinarians' office.

Here is a quick way to delete bad websites:

  • Do NOT look further if the names of the dogs are only the call names, such as Charlie, Banjo, etc.  Any breeder who is a student of the breed identifies their dogs by their formal, registered names, as well as perhaps the call names.

  • Do NOT look further if there are no pedigrees listed.

  • Do NOT look further if there is a long list of little individual Cavalier faces pictured for sale or with a “sold” sticker across some of the faces.

  • Do NOT look further if they take credit cards.

  • Do NOT look further if they are imports from Ireland or other parts of the world.

  • Do NOT look further if there are descriptions of the dogs as being "cutie patooties" or similar phrases.

  • Do NOT look further if the guarantee indicates you must return your dog first to get money back for a replacement.  Who would do such a thing?

  • Do NOT look further if the PARENTS of the puppy have never seen a Board Certified Cardiologist or Ophthalmologist--at a minimum.

  • Do NOT look further if the name of the website is "Spaniels4U" or "NextDayPets" or "Puppiesondemand" or some such name.

  • Do NOT look further if they register their puppies with any other organization OTHER THAN CKCSC, USA or AKC. 

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